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Day One

So it begins……

Right. So for my next (kinda) Scientific Paper I am going to look at the effect that caffeine has on me. To do this I have had a few days of drinking more than my usual coffee and tea intake to see if there was a difference. Not really. But now the real pain begins. Today is the first day of NO CAFFEINE! So no Coffee. No tea while watching the TV. Not even my usual Superman mug of green tea in the morning. This is day one and after seven days (or how many I manage) I will write-up my findings.

So how was today? Was it an easy day. No, I think I picked the worst first day I could have. I woke up a little hung over from a leaving do the night before. Well the hangover is not from the party but from the cocktails that were consumed and the lack of food (school boy error!). So I had that kind of hangover that a cup of Coffee sorts right out….. dam. I can tell you I was so close to bucking after just 23 minutes of being conscious on first day. But I resisted and the walk to work cleared my head. Fine. So work would be fine. Nope! I was basically manning the doors to tell people we were closed. After see the twelfth heart broken child who couldn’t get into our wee science centre I wanted to cry into a cup of tea BUT NO! I resisted again! Win!

So I have made it to now. 6pm. 10 hours down. The next few should be fine dinner and the like but later. We have Caramel buttons to eat. I will want tea more than anything else at that point. Please, just say a little prayer for me tonight so that I can over come temptation and continue at least into Day 2!

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Till next time


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