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A Salute to Mr Weebl

A look at and my favourites from the site. is one of those sites that I have been checking daily since I started using the internet and as the site celebrates its 10th year I thought I would give a little salute to a site which has given the world so many memorable characters and songs.  The site was created by Weebl (Jonathan “Jonti” Picking) and not only showcases his own animations but those of Peabo, Skoo, ZekeySpaceyLizard and Wonchop.

Probably his most famous creation is Weebl and Bob. Two egg shaped weebles obsessed with pies, that have small haphazard adventures. Other series on the site include “Catface” and “On the moon” (both below). Weebl is also famous for is one off songs which often make it on Itunes in the shape of novelty albums. Early examples like Badgers and Kenya have been watched by millions and have also been rehashed into animations like Somalia.

Despite the novelty songs weebl has created his own “Gorillaz” style anamated electro band called Savlonic.

So enough waffle, these are my top 5 weebl videos!

5. Narwhals 

Basically I think Narwhals are ace therefore really like this song. Also I ran a birthday party at work where two of the kids were singing this song so it gets in the top 5.

4. On the Moon

On The Moon is one of the recurring animation weebl stuff. It currently has 23 episodes and stars “The Toast King”, “Insanity Prawn Boy” and “Moon Hitler”. Makes more sense if you watch it (Well slightly more sense!)

3. Look at My Horse

This is probably my favourite tune that weebl has come up with. Also has a really good cover version by The Nerd Follia.

2. Catface

Catface is another of Weebl’s stuffs long running recurring animation. Here I have posted a video of the story of episodes one to seven. I does miss out the “Silly Catface” inspirational educational message at the end but you can see these if you watch a non mashed up version from the site (Link at start).

1. Rotate Your Owl 

This is by far my favourite song EVER! enjoy.

So there is a wee look at Mr. Weebl and his magical world (Which also includes Magical Trevor!)

Till next time


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