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The Story of Jimmy Carr’s Massive Head

3934195674Every now and then you see something weird in a place it doesn’t belong and think “how did that get there?”. If you are going to Wickerman festival this year one of these things will be a bar. No normal bar. This bar is housed inside a massive model of Jimmy Carrs head. Now first off you are thinking “Nah, its just something someone has made and it looks like Jimmy Carr”. No, you are wrong, it IS Jimmy Carr.

Ok, so the origins of this thing. In 2011 Walkers Crisps had a competition between The Pub Land Lord All Murray, National Treasure Steven Fry, Gary “Big Ears” Linker and Soon-to-be Tax dodging comedian Jimmy Carr. Each were to make a type of crisps and you would buy them and when you did Comic Relief got a tenth of a penny or something like that. So as part of the advertising for this Walker commissioned a massive copy of Jimmy Carrs head. This coming complete with a door in the back and a moving mouth. All in all costing £70,000 (hopefully paid by Walkers and no Comic Relief). Here it is in action.

Really wants to make me eat crisps……..or punch comedians. Anyway, “what happened next?” you ask. Well after this memorable advertising  campaign it was bought by a salvage yard looking to make a quick buck out of its novelty appeal. After advertising for a year for the bargain price of £18,000 no one wanted it. Even putting it on eBay it didn’t hit revised reserves of 2 grand. So it sat for a year until the good people at Wickerman decided to buy it and turn the gaping hole of Jimmy Carrs massive mouth into a novelty bar at their festival.


God speed Giant Jimmy head, God speed.


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I melted for a bit, sorry…..

allenwaterIts been well over a week since I updated this page. It has been really warm up here in Edinburgh for the last week and with a mixture of hay-fever and trying (and failing) to sleep in a room that’s over 2 degrees C, I have been left shattered and unwilling to type. Also as mentioned in my last post I was at a weekend long stag do when the best men managed to successfully organise a piss up in a brewery?

We went to the Allanwater brewhouse ( Which is a belting little brewery. Its essentially a little bar at the back of a hotel with a one room (a small one at that) with a couple of cylinders full of young beer. To be honest I have seen bigger chemistry sets for sale in toy stores. Not that it matters when they make really tasty beers and for the first time in my experience, a drinkable chilli beer. In fact a really good chilli beer. We got a tour, a load of tasters, a pint of our choice and a soup/sandwich plater. Really nice late afternoon in a really nice wee town. We even got a wee carry out and a chippy and went for a dip in the river. I was bloody freezing! The whole experience left a lasting impression and inspired me to make beer. To do this I will need to get a house with a garage and start the old home brewing! In time, in time.

So, in prep for my own version of Brewdogesk supper micro brewery which is bound to come from making my own beer….. I need to think of some names for beers. So, any related to my name would be great or to do with the area I live? Maybe make a fruity beer and call it Polworth Punch or a 9% beer called the Fountianbridge Fracka. I’m sure there are better ones out there. Any input would be great! If I get a few will make a poll!


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