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Paranoid Android

A list of my top 5 games on an Android phone.

So not so long ago I needed to make that decision that everyone needs to make at some time, Iphone or Android? I went for a HTC in the end which has beats music and is upgraded to Ice-cream sandwich (Win or yawn depending on how much of a tech-head you are). So its been a while and I have now tried a good couple of games. So these are my top 5!

5. Frisbee 

So this is not my first choice of game when I’m looking to waste 10 minutes at the bus stop but from time to time its a bit of fun. Basically you have a Frisbee and you throw it through all of the floating rings to the end ring. You  can also collect stars to get gold/silver/bronze awards. The best thing about this game is that you control the flight of the Frisbee by tilting your phone. This is what takes this game from a bit of a time waster to being a game that you will probably replay a fair bit. You can also unlock new designs of Frisbee so that is kinda cool too. Great game and free.

4. Bow Man

Well it doesn’t get more basic than this game. You are a stick figure with a bow and arrow. You fire at another stick figure with a bow and arrow. You trade shots until one of you takes to many leg shots or you get a critical hit. It’s all about the angles and power. Nice straight forward game that I remember playing on the Macs at school and can now be downloaded for free. To make it a bit harder you can add walls and wind. Good fun and really easy to play. Well worth a go and free.


3. World Of Goo

So from basic to the story of the small construction loving world of the goo balls. Basically you have some goo. It’s in one place and the suction hover thing that you want to collect them with is WAAAAAYYY over the other side. On the upside the goo’s can be stretched to construct a bridge or tower or a mash-up snake thing etc. There is a loose story but it’s basically a construction game with a bit of charm and with out trains crashing to their doom when you make mistakes.  This is a paid game but really good for a couple of quid.

2. Basketball

Its one word. It’s a sport. Is there much to this game? No. It’s a basketball hoop. A basketball. You take shots and you get points if you make it and lose a go if you miss. What I can understand is why this game is so addictive? It’s really simple, you take a shot by pulling away from the ball and aiming with a arching guide that gets shorter as the levels go up. There are 10 shots in each level and when you lose 10 balls the game ends. If you get a “clean” basket you get an extra ball. Nothing more to the game play. There are missions like “get to level 12” and when you complete these you get a new design of ball but that’s not the addictive element. Suppose you need to try it out. As with the first few this is a free game!

1. Quell Reflect 

So this is my number one game. I think something that is important to be number one is that the game has longevity and is challenging. This game is a puzzle game. You basically have bubbles that need to collect silver balls to move onto the next puzzle. There are things in the way like spikes, poison bubbles and infinite loops. There are also different approaches to the levels with transportation hoops and power up balls. Basically it makes every level challenging but also very different. Once you complete the level you can then go back and try to do it in the minimum amount of moves. Its a clean and professional game which is really fun to play. Overall its a great wee game and is only 69p.

Ok so that’s my run down. Do you agree? Have I missed anything glaring (Maybe Temple Run?) let me know.

Anyway, till next time



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