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A Salute to Mr Weebl

A look at and my favourites from the site. is one of those sites that I have been checking daily since I started using the internet and as the site celebrates its 10th year I thought I would give a little salute to a site which has given the world so many memorable characters and songs.  The site was created by Weebl (Jonathan “Jonti” Picking) and not only showcases his own animations but those of Peabo, Skoo, ZekeySpaceyLizard and Wonchop.

Probably his most famous creation is Weebl and Bob. Two egg shaped weebles obsessed with pies, that have small haphazard adventures. Other series on the site include “Catface” and “On the moon” (both below). Weebl is also famous for is one off songs which often make it on Itunes in the shape of novelty albums. Early examples like Badgers and Kenya have been watched by millions and have also been rehashed into animations like Somalia.

Despite the novelty songs weebl has created his own “Gorillaz” style anamated electro band called Savlonic.

So enough waffle, these are my top 5 weebl videos!

5. Narwhals 

Basically I think Narwhals are ace therefore really like this song. Also I ran a birthday party at work where two of the kids were singing this song so it gets in the top 5.

4. On the Moon

On The Moon is one of the recurring animation weebl stuff. It currently has 23 episodes and stars “The Toast King”, “Insanity Prawn Boy” and “Moon Hitler”. Makes more sense if you watch it (Well slightly more sense!)

3. Look at My Horse

This is probably my favourite tune that weebl has come up with. Also has a really good cover version by The Nerd Follia.

2. Catface

Catface is another of Weebl’s stuffs long running recurring animation. Here I have posted a video of the story of episodes one to seven. I does miss out the “Silly Catface” inspirational educational message at the end but you can see these if you watch a non mashed up version from the site (Link at start).

1. Rotate Your Owl 

This is by far my favourite song EVER! enjoy.

So there is a wee look at Mr. Weebl and his magical world (Which also includes Magical Trevor!)

Till next time


Paranoid Android

A list of my top 5 games on an Android phone.

So not so long ago I needed to make that decision that everyone needs to make at some time, Iphone or Android? I went for a HTC in the end which has beats music and is upgraded to Ice-cream sandwich (Win or yawn depending on how much of a tech-head you are). So its been a while and I have now tried a good couple of games. So these are my top 5!

5. Frisbee 

So this is not my first choice of game when I’m looking to waste 10 minutes at the bus stop but from time to time its a bit of fun. Basically you have a Frisbee and you throw it through all of the floating rings to the end ring. You  can also collect stars to get gold/silver/bronze awards. The best thing about this game is that you control the flight of the Frisbee by tilting your phone. This is what takes this game from a bit of a time waster to being a game that you will probably replay a fair bit. You can also unlock new designs of Frisbee so that is kinda cool too. Great game and free.

4. Bow Man

Well it doesn’t get more basic than this game. You are a stick figure with a bow and arrow. You fire at another stick figure with a bow and arrow. You trade shots until one of you takes to many leg shots or you get a critical hit. It’s all about the angles and power. Nice straight forward game that I remember playing on the Macs at school and can now be downloaded for free. To make it a bit harder you can add walls and wind. Good fun and really easy to play. Well worth a go and free.


3. World Of Goo

So from basic to the story of the small construction loving world of the goo balls. Basically you have some goo. It’s in one place and the suction hover thing that you want to collect them with is WAAAAAYYY over the other side. On the upside the goo’s can be stretched to construct a bridge or tower or a mash-up snake thing etc. There is a loose story but it’s basically a construction game with a bit of charm and with out trains crashing to their doom when you make mistakes.  This is a paid game but really good for a couple of quid.

2. Basketball

Its one word. It’s a sport. Is there much to this game? No. It’s a basketball hoop. A basketball. You take shots and you get points if you make it and lose a go if you miss. What I can understand is why this game is so addictive? It’s really simple, you take a shot by pulling away from the ball and aiming with a arching guide that gets shorter as the levels go up. There are 10 shots in each level and when you lose 10 balls the game ends. If you get a “clean” basket you get an extra ball. Nothing more to the game play. There are missions like “get to level 12” and when you complete these you get a new design of ball but that’s not the addictive element. Suppose you need to try it out. As with the first few this is a free game!

1. Quell Reflect 

So this is my number one game. I think something that is important to be number one is that the game has longevity and is challenging. This game is a puzzle game. You basically have bubbles that need to collect silver balls to move onto the next puzzle. There are things in the way like spikes, poison bubbles and infinite loops. There are also different approaches to the levels with transportation hoops and power up balls. Basically it makes every level challenging but also very different. Once you complete the level you can then go back and try to do it in the minimum amount of moves. Its a clean and professional game which is really fun to play. Overall its a great wee game and is only 69p.

Ok so that’s my run down. Do you agree? Have I missed anything glaring (Maybe Temple Run?) let me know.

Anyway, till next time



AMERICA! Land of the lists….

A List of My Top 5 US Comedies

So I have found myself watching a lot of American comedies lately. A couple of years ago I mainly watched UK based shows like Peep Show, IT Crowd and the likes of Big Train but there has far from a wealth of UK shows of any quality in the past few years. So more and more I am looking over the pond for a bit of a ROFL (*Inserts rolling eyes*). So here I am, running down my 5 favourite US shows that make me laugh. Remember this is my 5 favourites, by no means am I saying these are the 5 BEST EVER SHOWS EVER! It’s a little bit of personal opinion brought to you in the friendly format of a list! There are a few that I have found it hard to leave out but they will be in the “honourable mentions” at the end.

5. The (US) Office 

This is an odd one as it has its alternative in the UK on which it is based around. The thing with the two shows is that I love the US version and really dislike the UK one. “But wait a minute. Surely they can not be that different?”. I suppose they are not as a concept but there is one character that is portrayer very differently. This is Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott. In the American series he is a bit of an annoying loser of a boss but you always feel sorry for him and you can see the good he is trying to do. Sometime you even get to see a man beyond the wisdom of everyone else in the show. Rick Gervais  plays the character differently. You  just dislike him, he doesn’t have then same likeability. I think this is why the US office has managed the longevity of 8 seasons. I am currently on season 4 and I am looking forward to see what they will do now that the main arcs of the first few seasons have settled.

4.  30 Rock 

30 Rock is a show that I have been watching for years. Unlike the US Office which I am new too, 30 Rock is a show that I started watching when it is in its infancy. Now it is working its way through its 6 season. 30 Rock is problem the best sitcom about a group of misfits all pushed together. This is done on the set of the fictional show TGS (The Girly Show). Tina Fay plays the head writer of the show and is constantly trying to keep here writers and talent in order while looking for advice from here boss Alec Baldwin. The show has great story lines and borders on the bizarre sometimes without really heading over the line to ridiculous.

3. Bored To Death

This is one that many of you may not agree with or even have heard of. This is the story of a writer who’s girlfriend leaves him. In his despair it seems like a good idea to become a private detective. After putting an advert on Craig’s List he starts to get the odd job. This part is played by Jason Schwartzman who plays the part excellently and is brilliantly back by Zach Galifianakis who plays his struggling cartoonist best friend and Ted Danson, his ageing boss at the magazine. The cast makes this show the marvel that it is. The three are all looking for more from life and this is the story of the scrapes this gets them into. It is really funny, clever and something a bit different to the other 4 shows on this list.

2. Seinfeld 

If you have not seen Seinfeld then go outside, take your shoes off, smash a bottle and run across the glinting shards. Sorry but you deserve that. It a classic. 180 episodes and maybe only 2 or 3 that are not gold. Why E4 repeated Friends over and over when they could have had Seinfeld is crazy. In fact the absence of Seinfeld on British TV was a travesty in its day being pushed back to after midnight on BBC 2. (Much like Arrested Development, which is not N0.1…controversial!). But the main reason for Seinfeld being so high is the series where Jerry and Gorge pitch the idea of Seinfeld to TV executives telling the story of what Seinfeld and Larry David went through when trying to get the show picked up. Its intelligent and idiotic at the same time. Maybe the best Sitcom series arc ever.

1. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Well, this is my number one. Why? There is nothing quite like Always Sunny. It has the most mind boggling story lines that would be unbelievable if you hadn’t watched the last few series and knew what the characters were capable of. With every series everything is upped a little more. For those of you who have never seen it, all 7 seasons are on Netfixs and its free for a month so there is no excuse. Writer Charlie Day is an evil genius. The ideas that pop out his head are verging on horror film sometimes yet still have you rolling around the floor as you follow the lives of 5 of the most despicable human beings in the world. Danny DeVito came out of retirement to co-star in this show because he clearly seen it as something treading new ground. Lets be honest for a comedy, especially an US comedy, being a trail blazer and succeeding at it is something special. This my friends is why this is my number one.

So the shows I never added but also love. Well, Arrested Development – Brilliant but I would have had it at 6 of these, hard not to put it in. Fraiser – another of my favourites but it came down to Seinfeld or Fraiser and picking one or the other is one of the hardest things I have had to do!  Also newer shows like The Big Bang Theory and Community could have been in the list.

I am sure there are others so post if I have not mentioned them and I will try to catch them if I can!

If you have not seen any of these I would recommend all of them. It’s probably over 500 episodes of laughs so you can’t go wrong really!

Anyway, till next time


List – My 7 Most Underrated Albums

Everyone Loves a List! 

Ok so I am going to start putting the odd list on the page. This is for two reasons. One. It’s a really good and clear way to get an opinion over. Two. They are really easy to do especially after a few tins of Budweiser!

So this list is looking at my top 7 most underrated albums. What is an underrated album? Well I feel it is an album which was a bit over looked in its time and has not been given the longevity that it deserves. Some that were cut from my final selection were the likes of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Future King of Spain’s both self titled albums and Billy Talent first album (also self titled). So let’s get down to the list eh!

7. Something Corporate – North 

This is one of the most beautiful albums I own. It is a collection of pop punk  love songs which always leave me with a little lump in my throat. Songs such as “Ruthless” and album opener “As You Sleep” pack a punch while still remaining a dazzling mixture of piano, pop punk and love song. I can’t believe that so few people I know have even heard of Something Corporate never mind this album. I believe this is an album that would have universal appeal to all people of all tastes. If I had to pick a favourite song it would be she paints me blue. It keeps true to the above ingredients but has amazing lyrics.

6. Electric Six – Fire 

This album is well-known for the song “Gay Bar” everyone knows it and its a bit of a novelty classic. Also well-known songs are “Danger! High Voltage” and “Naked Picture of your Mother”. So straight off there are 3 of the most well-known songs of recent alternative music history, yet in my experience when you mention the whole body of work people will scoff. These three songs are great but the rest of the album is also a joy to listen to. Clever, tongue in cheek in places and a really good riff driven album. Examples of great songs are “Nuclear War on the Dance Floor” and “Dance Commander”. My favourite song is maybe the most straight-laced on the album, the song that closes the album “Synthesizer”

5. Hot Hot Heat – Make up the Breakdown  

This was one of my most played albums while growing up and had the ultimate joy of seeing the lead singer being refused into his own gig for being under age when they played at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh (many, many years ago!). This album again like the last has a couple of recognisable songs that would make you say “oh, eh, thats….eh….the heat band thing”. You kinda remember but are not 100%. But I believe songs such as “No, Not Now” and “Bandages” deserve the fame that songs like “Roll With It” and “Sex on Fire” get on the radio these days. Straight up, they are classic songs. The rest of the album is of a similar level for me, with other stand out tracks being “Oh God Damit” and “Talk To Me, Dance With Me”

4. Alkaline Trio – From Here To Infirmary

 This album is one that I know a lot of people like songs from but the real beauty of this album is when you listen to if from start to finish. There is not a single song on this album which I dislike. The reason it is on this list is it was slated by alternative music critics for not being “hard” enough, losing the bands edge and contained too much “filler”. I disagree. I think that every song on th is worthy to be released on its own accord but when listened to in order each song complements the one before and the album has an amazing flow that I have not heard to many times in my vast album listening experience! The best tracks if I had to pick a few would be “Mr Chainsaw”, “Armageddon”  and “Private eye”.

3. The Hives – Your New Favourite Band 

Funny when an album name is right. The story behind this album a simple one. The CD was one  near the bottom of my CD collection for years. It came time to have a clear out and it was 50-50 for this album. I hadn’t listened to it for years and remembered it being ok. I liked Hives songs when they came on in clubs or on the radio but I couldn’t say I was a fan. So I popped in the album to give it a chance and fell in love with it. Its fast paced, intricate yet simple in its presentation. I think maybe The Hives are a band you grow into. I would say they are in my top 3 bands now, which is not bad for a band I almost literally discarded! So I Underrated this album and I think a lot of other people do to. This and “Tyrannosaurus Hives” are incredibly underrated. Best songs? “Supply and Demand”, “Die, All Right!” and “Hate to Say I Told You So”.

2. The National – Alligator

This is the Third offering from New York band The National. I think the post-punk alternative melodies of The National maybe one of the most under rated bands of modern times. My main reason for saying this when comparing this album to the last two offerings from the Kings Of Leon (in my eyes two of the most overrated albums ever). What the Kings of Leon try to do is make this album. The lyrics are mesmerizing,  Matt Berninger’s baritone singing is hypnotic and the songs flow effortlessly over the whole album. This album also works as background music, study music or the focus of listening. It works on so many levels. Best tracks? “Secrete Meeting” is very good but my Favourite song is “Looking for Astronauts”

1. Brand New – Deja Entendu 

Well. This is my number one most underrated album that I own. If you haven’t listened to this album you should make this a musical priority. The album is a dark angst riddled post pop-punk smorgasbord of total tunes. I suppose it would even fall into the realms of Emo but this album was kicking about before the major Emo explosion that erupted with MCR’s “Black Parade”.  The strengths of this album are its phenomenal lyrics and bass lines which are played in an off tune Drop D which make the hole album feel a little deeper and in places a little darker. A stand out track would be “The Boy Who Block His Own Shot” which includes the lyric “You are the smell before rain, you are the blood in my vanes”. The best known track is probably the build up strong “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades” which is an epic wee tune and has a great video ( Even the hidden track at the end which is a kind of sea shanty fits into the feel of the album. Everyone should own this album and listen to it at least once a month. Its brilliance.

So there’s my first list. It took a bit longer than I thought it would and was a bit trickier than I had hoped but I didn’t want to sound like I was gushing over any of the albums. I genuinely believe that all of the albums above are worthy of any CD collection and if you haven’t heard any of them I would hope you would love at least one of the above.

Let me know what you think.

Till next time


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