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First Post Block

Well it happened. I brought back DCOTU. A new start. A new direction but what to write about….eh……mmmm…….dam.

Writers block. Well, not really.

I have a lot of good ideas but they are not right for a first post. I mean there’s loads to talk about. I live in Edinburgh so there is the whole independence, “will they/wont they” almost sitcom, doing the rounds but that seems a bit much for a first post. Plus I haven’t done enough research to have an opinion to publish.

I have seen few films lately but coming straight in with a review seems so very impersonal. As for out door activities, have you been outside lately. Its bloody freezing! I know what you are thinking. “Why set up this site when you are in a sparse patch of intresting things to discuss?”, Maybe that is why. So that when things pick up im ready. But then again things are happening but this is not the time yet. We hardly know each other. I don’t even know your name?…oh that is a nice name. See now we are getting somewhere.

So my new friend you want to know about me and what I am going to do on this wee space of the internet where I can speak my mind and post anything that amuses me. Well as I mentioned I am immersed in media like any other mid twenty year old. So the odd review when it takes my fancy might be worth a shout. I will probably add a few articles about matters important to me or that make me laugh. But don’t worry friend, it will not be to serious!

So a rough idea of what might be coming. Well….. i am currently watching Community, Fringe and Game Of Throwns so there could be a wee piece on these. Also planning on having a wee day out and about so if something interesting happens there could be a wee story there.

Anyway Winter is coming and fingers are freezing. Off for a coffee.

Till next time


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